Baby French toast

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french toast sticks
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French toast is an old breakfast favourite, but did you think of making it as finger food for your baby? Use this recipe to make French toast for babies aged 8 months and older.

Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 5 minutes Difficulty rating: Easy

Age Recommendation: This recipe is suitable for babies aged 8 months and older, who are beginning to chew and who can safely eat eggs.


Makes 1 serving

  • 1 large egg yolk
  • 1 slice wholemeal bread
  • ½ tsp unsalted butter


  1. Cut crusts off bread.
  2. Separate egg yolk from egg white. (You can use the egg white towards another recipe such as almond macaroons or coconut macaroons).
  3. In a bowl whisk the egg yolk.
  4. Place the slice of bread in the bowl and cover both sides of the bread so it soaks up all the egg yolk.
  5. Place the butter in a small frying pan on medium heat.
  6. Cook the bread in the pan for 2 mins on each side or until the bread is slightly golden brown on both sides.
  7. Leave to cool before serving to baby.


  • An eggshell containing only the yoke.You can cut this into sticks and serve to baby as is, or let them dip it into a fruit or vegetable puree.
  • This is a perfect nutritious food to put in a container and take as a snack or meal for baby on the run.
  • Older kids will also enjoy this – serve it either sweet with a little drizzled honey or savoury with some cooked fat free ham or bacon.

Nutritional content

Nutritional analysis per serve:

 Energy 554.26 kJ
132.47 cal
 Protein 5.72 g
 Total fat 6.71 g
 Saturated fat 2.74 g
 Carbohydrates 11.44 g
 Total sugars 1.26 g
 Fibre 1.95 g
 Sodium 145.96 mg
 Cholesterol 153.05 mg
 Potassium 85.49 mg
Calcium 45.77 mg
Iron 1.17 mg
Zinc 0.77 mg



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Date Created: September 17, 2013 Date Modified: August 13, 2014