Advertising policy

Where advertising appears

Generally, advertising on the site appears only in banner spots on the perimeter of the site. On occasion, an advertised logo or link may appear within the main contents page; in this case it will be clearly recognisable as advertising content.

Recognising an advertisement

Any content which is part of an advertisement, including advertising banners, logos and hyperlinks, are clearly marked by “advertisement” or “ad” appearing above (or, where impractical, below) them.

Our position on advertising

Parenthub is a free educational and networking resource for Australian parents. However, there are a number of costs associated with the services we provide, including site maintenance and continued development and hosting.

The consensus of our Medical Editorial Advisory Board is that the necessity of advertising is acceptable as long as the strict policy guidelines which appear on this page are adhered to. To this end, Parenthub uses an advertising network agency who provides banner ads for the website. Parenthub does not endorse the content of these ads and there are limitations on the types of ads which may be included on the website – see ‘Advertisements which are not accepted’ below.

Advertising sponsors have no influence over the editorial content on the website. The health content on Parenthub is compiled using independent trustworthy medical resources and approved by stringent editorial processes prior to publication. For more information, see Information on Parenthub.

Advertisements which are not accepted

Advertisements which will not be accepted for use on the site include those that promote:

  • Unhealthy messages (e.g. fast food, gambling, alcohol, tobacco products including e-cigarettes);
  • Unconventional medicine;
  • Do not comply with relevant legislation including Medicines Australia guidelines;
  • Adult material;
  • Discriminatory messages; or
  • Otherwise contradict Parenthub’s ethos.


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Date Created: January 6, 2012 Date Modified: September 9, 2014


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