Contribute to Parenthub

Parenthub exists to provide a useful resource for Australian parents and carers.

If you have a comment or suggestion for the website, we would like to hear from you.

In particular, we would be keen to receive:

  • Educational songs and rhymes which your children enjoy
  • Nutritious and healthy recipes for babies and kids
  • Outings in your area where you take your children and what there is to do there
  • Games and learning activities you play with your children
  • Your parenting experiences – the joys and the challenges
  • Riddles, jokes and quotes
  • Images to add to our gallery of your pregnancy or your child experiencing life in a positive and healthy way

If you are a health professional, we encourage you to send in:

  • Research you are involved in, in the form of news articles
  • Referenced information on health topics you are passionate about
  • Images to add to our gallery of various pregnancy and childhood conditions

To send in any of these things, please contact us.

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Date Created: September 1, 2012 Date Modified: April 21, 2015


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