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We are strongly encouraged by the international scientific community to use vaccinations to protect ourselves from many infectious and chronic diseases. The World Health Organization estimates that vaccinations prevent 2-3 million deaths around the...

Vaccinations for your child (5 years and older)

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All children over the age of five should be given any missed vaccinations from the National Immunisation Program (NIP) Schedule. Talk to your doctor to arrange a catch-up schedule if necessary, and remember, the...

Vaccinations for your baby (0-5 years)

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Vaccinations protect babies against many diseases while their immune systems are still developing. They are a simple, safe and effective way of preventing many serious childhood illnesses. This article discusses what you need to know...

An introduction to vaccinations

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What are vaccinations? Vaccinations improve immunity to particular diseases. They provide a safe and effective way of preventing the spread of many diseases that can cause significant health problems, including death. Vaccinations are considered to...

Types of car seats

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Many different types of car restraints are available. Different types are suitable for use by babies and children up to 10 years of age. In Australia, car restraints are grouped into four distinct types,...

The child car seat checklist

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Which car seat does my child need? All children are required to be safely and correctly restrained in an appropriate car seat when travelling by car. By law, children up to the age of...

Choosing the right car seat

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The right car seat to choose depends on your child’s age and size. It is important to buy the right type of child restraint, as Australian laws not only state that children up to...

Laws governing car seats in Australia

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Using a safe car seat is not just a responsible thing for parents and other adults to do when they travel in a car with children, it has many safety benefits and is a...

Teeth brushing in babies and kids (with free downloadable chart)

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Why is brushing teeth important? Brushing teeth is the basis of good oral hygiene and contributes to overall health. The process of brushing removes bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum infections if left...

Installing a car seat correctly

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Once you have chosen the right type of car seat for your baby or child, you’ll need to put aside time to install it correctly in your car, and secure your child safely in it...
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