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Flash cards

Multilingual resources for teaching the alphabet

It’s never too early to start teaching your child a second language, in fact the younger they start learning, the more easily children seem to learn to speak another...

Transport flashcards

Age 2-8 years Duration of activity These activities can take just a few minutes or keep your child busy periodically throughout the day. Materials/equipment Transport picture and/or word flashcards. Laminating pouches and laminator...

Fruit and vegetable flashcard games

Age 0-5 years. Different activities are more appropriate for different ages. For example babies may enjoy simply looking and pointing at the cards, while toddlers and pre-schoolers will enjoy developing...

Party Games

Hot potato

Hot potato is an old favourite with kids and a fun game for kids’ parties. Playing this game will also help children develop their motor skills and social abilities. Age 4...

Pin the tail on the donkey

Age For age 5 and above. This game requires walking and moving around blind folded, as well as a bit of patience therefore it is best suited to kids just that...

Sleeping lions

Age For toddlers and above. This is a simple game aimed to calm the kids down after a great day of exciting activities. (It's also great half-way through a party if...

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