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Educational Games

Buckle up! Learning to use a seatbelt

Age 2-5 years Duration of activity This activity will take just 5-10 minutes. Materials/equipment A car seat A doll that is an appropriate size for the car seat Cost You won’t need to buy anything...

Teeth brushing in babies and kids (with free downloadable chart)

Why is brushing teeth important? Brushing teeth is the basis of good oral hygiene and contributes to overall health. The process of brushing removes bacteria that can cause tooth decay...

Learning colours: Colour matching sticker game

Age 18 months to 4 years Duration of activity You can fill in a couple of spare minutes playing this game, but your toddler will probably be happy to play for much...


Driving safely with children

Kids are unpredictable, which means driving safely with children can be challenging, and requires preparation. It’s impossible to predict when a child will do something that distracts you while...
Man giving young boy piggyback ride outdoors.

“You and me” time vouchers

Age 3 years and up Duration of activity This activity lasts all year round. Materials/equipment You can use either our ready made printable me you vouchers (we've also made blank vouchers so you can add activities which...

Poems for Dad

My Daddy by Ranja Kujala I sit and look back to how far I can remember, And you are always there next to me. Each and everyday you were helping me grow up, And...

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