Reading to kids

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Young Asian mother spending time with daughter in the living room.
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Reading to kids: Literacy benefits

  • Reading aloud to children often, and from an early age is the best way to help them learn to read themselves.
  • Being read to develops kids’ knowledge of the structure of writing, increases their vocabulary, and improves their pronunciation.
  • Children also develop a love of reading when they have books read to them often and from an early age.

Reading to kids: Emotional development

  • Being read to is a pleasurable, bonding experience for young children.
  • Hearing about how characters in books manage challenges, helps children learn healthy ways of expressing their own emotions.
  • Being read to also increases children’s confidence.

Reading to kids: Cognitive and physical benefits

  • Children who are read to as pre-schoolers, perform better in primary school tests.
  • Read books aloud to children expands their knowledge of the world around them, and their concentration and imagination.
  • Turning the pages of a book improves children’s fine motor skills.
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Date Created: August 5, 2018 Date Modified: August 22, 2018