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Bateau sur l’eau (boat on the water)

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French Bateau sur l’eau Asseyez-vous devant votre enfant, tenez leurs mains et faire se balancer en avant et en arrière en chantant la chanson La rivière, la rivière Bateau sur l’eau La rivière et plouf dans l’eau Faites semblant de...

Mental health support for Australian families

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Help for children and adolescents Help for parents and carers Where children and adolescents can get help There are a range of telephone and web-based counselling services available for young people with mental health challenges...

Nut butter

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Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: No cooking Difficulty rating: Easy Age recommendation: 6 months and above Ingredients: Makes 21 servings (based on a 20 gram serve). 250g almonds (natural) 150 g cashews (roasted, unsalted) 20 g rice bran oil Pinch salt Pinch sugar Method: ...
Young woman sitting on a bench in a city park

Living with depression: Nina’s journey with depression and raising a family

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Nina raises a family and experiences depression. She and her husband speak openly about her illness with their three sons and Nina says that while coping with depression isn’t easy, talking about it has...

Car seats

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Car seats are designed to ensure that children are safe when travelling by car. However, car seats only provide proper protection when they are used correctly and children are adequately restrained in an appropriate...

Using a car seat correctly

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Why should you restrain your child in a car seat? Once the car seat is installed, you will need to fit your child securely in it every time they ride in the car. A restraint...

Fussy eaters: Children and food

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  Choice is a great thing, but it has its downsides as well. Dr Joe Kosterich talks about fussy eating in children, including what causes it, how to deal with it, and why it's important...

Anxiety in children

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Transcript In this modern fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon for anyone of any age, and that includes children, to at times be anxious. Hi, I’m Doctor Joe. Probably generations ago, people were also anxious about things and...

Mobile phone use in kids

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A lot of you probably watching this video grew up without mobile phones. And there’s a very simple reason for that. Hi, I’m Doctor Joe. Anybody probably who is older than twenty five is...

Multilingual resources for teaching the alphabet

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It’s never too early to start teaching your child a second language, in fact the younger they start learning, the more easily children seem to learn to speak another language. But there’s more to being...
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