Hand washing games and activities

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Hand washing games and activities make hand washing fun, and make it more likely your child will wash their hands. You can use games to teach your children how germs spread from a person’s hands to surfaces, food and other people. Games are also a great way for children to learn how to wash their hands properly and you can make the time you do spend washing hands with your child lots of fun by mixing in a few songs or counting games.

Games and activities that encourage your child to wash their hands

Children need plenty of encouragement to wash their hands at the right times and a few rewards when they get it right. These games and activities are fun ways to encourage your kids to wash their hands.

Hand washing star chart

star-chart-featured-imageGetting a sticker to add to their chart is a great way to encourage kids to wash their hands. You can use the star chart to keep track of how often your child washes their hands each week, and encourage them to wash their hands more often. Print out the star chart and use it to reward your child when they wash their hands properly.

Hand washing game: hot potato with soap

star-chart-featured-imageMake hand washing part of the fun and games by playing hot potato. Winning the right to be the first at the sink to wash their hands will make kids see hand washing as a reward not a chore. See the instructions on how to play.


Games that teach children why hand washing is important

Children are more likely to wash their hands if they realise why it’s important. As germs can’t be seen, smelt or heard, children may have trouble understanding that hands are dirty even if they look clean. The games and activities in this section will all help teach your child about what germs are, how they spread and why they need to use soap to wash germs off their hands

Glitter germs

having-fun-washing-her-handsGerms spread from hands to surfaces and other people’s skin, just like glitter. Letting children see how glitter spreads is a fun and visual way to help them understand how germs end up on just about everything we touch. Find out how to play the glitter germs game.

Games that teach your child how to wash their hands properly

Children need to be taught the correct way to wash their hands properly, or they might just think that splashing them under the tap is good enough. These games are fun ways to help your child learn how to wash their hands properly, with soap and water.

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Making hand washing posters

Hand washing posterMaking a hand washing poster is lots of fun and helps teach children how to wash their hands. Find out how to make your own hand washing posters.


Washing hands with dolly

washing-with-dollWashing a doll’s hands is a fun way to teach your child how to wash their hands properly, and encourage them to take responsibility for washing their hands at important times. It also helps develop emotions like caring and empathy. Find out how to play this game.


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