Hand washing

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Hand washing is amongst the best things you and your children can do to prevent diseases like diarrhea and the flu. However, children need help and guidance to learn how to do it properly and develop good hand hygiene habits which will protect them from infections for a lifetime.

Depending on whether you have a baby, toddler, pre-schooler or older child, the type of help, support and advice you’ll need to give will differ. You may need to wash their hands for them, help them reach the soap and other hand washing utensils they need to use, or simply remind them to wash their hands at important times like before eating.

Why teach kids about hand washing?

teaching-how-to-wash-handsTeaching your kids to wash their hands is important because it helps prevent disease and helps them develop confidence to look after themselves independently. Find out more about why it’s important to teach kids hand washing.

How should toddlers and children wash their hands

how-to-wash-their-handsChildren may tell you they’ve washed their hands, but have they washed them properly with soap and water? You’ll need to teach them the correct hand washing technique and give them a helping hand to remove germs while they’re learning. Find out how your children should be washing their hands.

How to wash your baby’s hands

Baby-sucking-fingersBabies need clean hands too. Even though they can’t wash their own hands with soap, they need to have their hands washed just as often as older children, and just as thoroughly. Find out more about how to wash your baby’s hands.

Hand washing facilities for kids

Hand-washing-facilitiesHand washing facilities for children need to be appealing and accessible, to encourage children to wash their hands and make the process enjoyable. Find out more about how to set up hand washing facilities and choose hand hygiene products for kids.

When children should wash their hands

washing-handsChildren need to wash their hands regularly throughout the day, but there are some times, like before eating, when hand washing is especially important. Find out more about the most important times for your child to wash their hands.

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Encouraging kids to wash their hands

boy-washing-his-handsChildren are more likely to wash their hands if you encourage them to do it. From teaching them why hands need to be washed to making sure they have fun while they’re doing it, there are many things you can do to encourage your kids to make hand washing a habit. Find out more.

Hand washing games and activities

Hand-washing-activitiesKids are more likely to wash their hands if they enjoy doing it and know why it’s important. There are many games and activities you can play to make hand washing fun for your kids. Find out more.


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Date Created: March 4, 2014