10 tips for choosing a pregnancy book

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If you’re looking for the pregnancy book that’s perfect for you and your pregnancy curiosities or concerns:

 orange checkmark Start by determining exactly what it is you want to know, whether that’s detailed information on a specific topic or a general overview of everything there is to know.
 orange checkmark Once you know what information you’re looking for, compile a list of possible books you want to find out more about.
 orange checkmark Check out the author of each – do they have qualifications or personal experience which convinces you they know about this pregnancy topic?
 orange checkmark When you’re satisfied with the author’s credentials, check the publication date and go for something published recently.
 orange checkmark Check whether there are earlier editions of the same book (it’s a good sign if it has been re-printed in one or more new editions) or if the book that takes your fancy is a little old, check if there is a more recent edition available.
 orange checkmark Then check the publisher’s reputation and if they have a reputation for publishing scientific information on pregnancy.
 orange checkmark Find out where the book was published, bearing in mind pregnancy guidelines differ from country to country.
 orange checkmark Look for reviews so you can find out what other women thought about this pregnancy book.
 orange checkmark Ask your friends, family members, doctor or librarian for recommendations.
 orange checkmark Finally, have a quick look and check that the book is easy for you to read and contains the type of information (pictures, checklists, detailed text) that you’re after.


Happy pregnancy reading!

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Date Created: January 27, 2013 Date Modified: September 12, 2018