Sunbury Toy Library

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At Sunbury Toy Library, members are able to borrow toys to suit the age, skill levels and interests of their children. With toys being borrowed, rather than purchased, families save money while still accessing the toys they need to enhance their children’s play time.

Toys and games include:

  • Baby toys- Rattles, Rockers, Walkers, Stand and Play centres
  • Construction toys- Duplo, Waffle construction, Stickle Bricks, Magnetic construction, Meccano
  • Ride-on toys- Rollercoaster, Cosy Coupes, Balance Bike, Infant and Toddler Ride-On toys, Ride On Train
  • Imaginary play- Doll’s Houses, Dinosaur and Farm animal sets, Castle, Pirate Ship, Stable, Zoo, Carnival, Airport sets
  • Role play- Kitchen, Stove, BBQ, Workshop, Shopping Trolley, Dress Ups, Doll sets including Bathing, Feeding, Change station, Pram, Cradle sets
  • Puzzles and games- we have a wide range of games and puzzles suitable for 12 months to 8 years
  • Skill development and artistic play- including Lacing and Threading, Stacking pegs, Stencil sets, Stamps, Pegboards
  • Vehicles- Diggers, Dump Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Large Trucks, Train sets, Aeroplanes
  • Physical play- Activity centre, Rockers, Indoor slides, Quoits, Scatterscotch, Bowling sets, Cricket sets, Junior Basketball hoop, Water Play sets

Age suitability

87460730 Boy in toy carAges 3 months to 8 years


$15 for 10 weeks ($10 concession)

$30 for 6 months ($20 concession)

$50 for 12 months ($35 concession)

First child under 6 months –  Free

There are memberships available for groups such as family day care and playgroups. Please phone the contact number below to find out more about group membership.We accept cash, cheque or money order and fees must be paid before borrowing.

Members are asked to volunteer one hour of their time to help at the Sunbury Toy Library each term.

Each membership allows families to borrow toys for all children in the family under eight years old. Families can borrow two toys per child for a two-week loan period. Children love coming in to select new toys, and can choose whatever suits their interest to take home.

Overdue toys: A fine applies for toys that are overdue of $1 per toy per week overdue.

Broken or lost toys: If you have lost a piece, you can bring the toy back and pay a small fine of $1 for the missing piece, which is redeemable if you locate the piece and bring it back. We aim to repair broken toys where possible- if a toy is broken, we will discuss with you a suitable fine to help with the cost of repair or replacement.

Opening hours

The Sunbury Toy Library is open during school terms only.

Wednesday: 4pm to 5pm

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Friday: 9.30 to 10.30am

Sessions run for an hour giving you plenty of time to select new toys for your children. Families are encouraged to come together so that children can choose toys that interest them.

Contact details

Room 515 Sunbury Neighbourhood House

531 Elizabeth Drive, Sunbury VIC 3429

Phone: 0449 109 717


Google map

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Date Created: February 19, 2013 Date Modified: April 14, 2013