Tourne tourne petit moulin

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Tourne tourne petit moulin

This sweet song can be sung quietly or made playful and active. Sing softly and use hand actions if you’re making it a lullaby or get up and dance about with your little one to help them learn French. They’ll be in hysterics as they try to roll hand over hand and spin in a circle at the same time.

Tourne tourne petit moulin Rouler un poing sur un poing et volte-face en meme temps
Frappent frappent petites mains Tapez dans vos mains
Vole vole petit oiseau Voler comme un oiseau
Nage nage poisson dans l’eau Nager comme un poisson
Petit moulin a bien tourné Rouler un poing sur un poing et volte-face en meme temps et sourire grand
Petites mains ont bien frappé Tapez dans vos mains et sourire grand
Petit oiseau a bien volé Voler comme un oiseau et sourire grand
Petit poisson a bien nagé Nager comme un poisson et sourire grand


Spin spin little mill

English Translation

Turn turn little mill Roll fist over fist and spin in a circle
Clap clap little hands Clap your hands
Fly fly little bird Fly like a bird
Swim swim fish in water Swim like a fish
Little mill is turning well Roll fist over fist, spin in a circle and give a big smile
Little hands are clapping well Clap your hands and give a big smile
Little bird is flying well Fly like a bird and give a big smile
Little fish is swimming well Swim like a fish and give a big smile


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Date Created: April 1, 2013 Date Modified: July 30, 2014

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