Becoming a dad: Sunshine after the rain for Gaz and his partner – Gaz’s 2nd trimester experience

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Gaz is the first to admit that the first trimester was pretty difficult for both him and his partner. A rough time with morning sickness had left them a little disillusioned with the whole ‘miracle of life’ thing. Then along came the second trimester and many aspects of the pregnancy and their lives improved remarkably, not least their sex life.

When it comes to vomiting – less is definitely more!

After the challenging first trimester, things really started to improve for Gaz and his partner throughout the second.

“My partner was feeling a million times better and we were both able to enjoy the pregnancy a lot more,” said Gaz.

“We were able to go out for dinner or to visit friends as my partner wasn’t spewing up every half hour.

“Our parents started buying us little outfits and toys, the bump was growing nicely and my partner had that classic pregnant glow about her.

“And the sex, how could I forget about the sex!

“After three months of looking after a pretty sick girlfriend I was pleased just to have her feeling better but the change was incredible.

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“She was up for it all the time; I have to admit that I struggled to keep up at some points.”

It’s not all beer and skittles

Gaz thought he had it all figured out but the reality of becoming a father was slowly setting in and it was creating a few anxieties for him.

“There was a week where my partner was very sick; she was in intensive care for a little while because the doctors suspected she had meningitis.

“I was so worried for her and this little baby that was only four months old.

“It was at this point that it really clicked, I would soon be responsible for someone’s life.

After a week’s rest in hospital, Gaz’s partner made a full recovery but he didn’t stop worrying about the baby’s welfare.

“When we went in for the 20 week scan to determine the sex I kept imagining the sonographer telling us there was something wrong with our little baby.

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“It was a really bad anxiety that I couldn’t shake – but eventually she told us the baby was totally fine and we were expecting a boy.

“When they said to us that it was a little boy I was completely ecstatic.

“I was so happy and proud to be having a son.”

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Date Created: September 27, 2012 Date Modified: July 3, 2018