Becoming a dad: Doting dad stands by mum and bub all the way – Stuart’s 2nd trimester experience

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Bonding with the baby and with your partner is a very rewarding and fulfilling part of pregnancy. Stuart went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to supporting his wife through the second trimester. Attending every appointment and listening in to bub’s heart beat are just a couple of the ways he made sure their pregnancy progressed smoothly.

All for one and one for all

Like many fathers-to-be, Stuart spent much of the second trimester getting to know his little baby and preparing the house for the new arrival, all the while maintaining his role as a supportive partner to his wife.

“I attended every single appointment, I never missed one,” said Stuart.

“I even went along to the birthing and breastfeeding classes, to get an idea of what was going on and to support my wife.

“On one of the first appointments I took some grainy footage on my phone of the ultrasound and the baby’s really strong heartbeat because I had forgotten to bring the proper camera. But it still had the sentiment.

“We don’t like surprises so we found out what sex the baby was and once we knew it was going to be a girl we chose a name and starting putting a nursery together. I went out and bought some decorations, a change mat and some other little bits and pieces to make the room nice and baby-like for us. Once the room was set up for baby we would sometimes just sit on the floor in there to help get us in the mindset that our baby was coming and soon she would be living in this room.

Dad and bubs gets to know one another

During this time Stuart enjoyed spending time with the ‘bump’.

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“We had a baby heart monitoring device and you can plug two sets of head phones into it so we would listen in on the baby heart beat and hear her moving around and kicking inside the tummy,” he said.

“It was great to put my hand on my wife’s tummy and feel bubs rolling around and doing her little kicks.”

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Date Created: September 27, 2012 Date Modified: July 3, 2018