Becoming a dad: Leroy discovers the world of home birthing – Leroy’s 2nd trimester experience

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Just as Leroy was winding down after the stress and worry he put himself through early in the pregnancy he was given an uppercut that he never saw coming – his partner wanted to have a home birth. To Leroy’s credit he went from not knowing that home births existed to being a fully enthusiastic supporter of his partner’s decision.

Nothing to worry about

By the time the second trimester had rolled around Leroy was feeling a lot calmer about the situation and was really enjoying the whole process.

“The second trimester was much less stressful for me,” he said.

“Having a 3 month ultrasound was awesome, seeing our baby move around and hearing his heartbeat reassured me that he’s okay in there.”

Ummm…what’s a home birth?

Just when Leroy thought he was on top of the situation, he was hit by a curve ball he never saw coming.

“We started looking at birthing plans which was all new to me,” he said.

“I thought you just go to the hospital and give birth, I had no idea there were different options.

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“My partner then told me she wanted a home birth and to be perfectly honest that scared the crap out of me.

“The thought of giving birth outside of hospital didn’t seem right.

“I thought it was too risky and too much hard work.”

Leroy’s partner was sure of her birthing plan and the more they researched home births the more comfortable he became with the whole situation.

“We enrolled in pregnancy and birthing classes run by the Midwifery Association.

“This was a huge help to me, hanging out with other blokes in my situation and having the experts put my mind at ease over the whole home birth experience.

Perks of the job

There was one more thing about the second trimester that Leroy remembers fondly, in fact it still brings a smile to face when talking about it.

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“There was a noticeable increase in sex drive,” said Leroy.

“I guess she was over the morning sickness and the bump isn’t too big that it gets in the way.

“Maybe there are some extra hormones or something, I don’t pretend to know why it was like that I just know that it was a pretty awesome time.”

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Date Created: September 27, 2012 Date Modified: July 3, 2018