Becoming a dad: Steve prepares the nest as baby gets closer – Steve’s 3rd trimester experience

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Newborn baby
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Steve is taking this whole imminent parenthood thing right in his stride and on top of his to do list was making sure the house and nursery were perfect for the new arrival. Steve and his wife find that ‘nesting’ before the baby brought them even closer together.

Papa bird perfects the nest

During the final trimester Steve noticed that his wife was becoming extremely tired.

“It was hard on everyone having me flying in and out all the time,” he said.

“I tried my best to help out where I could but we are lucky to have great family support as well.

“We had defiantly slipped into nesting mode; I was fixing every little thing around the house that had been put off.

“We made lots of final finishing touches in the nursery; it was something we were both really proud of as we had put a lot of effort and love into that room and it was now just perfect for our daughter.”

You can stop hiding in there now

At this point Steve was just raring to meet his little girl and found the last few weeks of waiting really frustrating. Especially as it gave him time to think about anything that might go wrong.

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“I guess heaps of guys probably go through the same thing right before their first baby is due,” he said.

“I was still massively excited about getting to meet this little person that I had become so fond of over the past nine months but I was also getting nervous and almost fearful for wife and baby’s safety.

“But once you go into labour there is no time for any of that, you are just so pumped that the moment has finally arrived.”

Steve and his wife went right through their pregnancy without any complications and were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

Now for Steve the hard part was about to begin.

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Date Created: October 4, 2012 Date Modified: July 3, 2018