Becoming a father: The third trimester of pregnancy

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Couple with newborn
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At this point it seems fitting for all the expecting fathers to give themselves a quick pat on the back for all of their hard work and wonderful support they have given to their partners. However, don’t get too ahead of yourself with all this self-applauding and back slapping as the very last, once distant, hurdle of pregnancy is fast approaching and crossing it together will be one of the most remarkable days of your lives.

As we are now down to the last few weeks of pregnancy, the third trimester. This is where it starts to get particularly interesting. There is no hiding from it anymore as that bump has undoubtedly grown to quite epic proportions and the fact that you are a only a few short weeks away from becoming a father becomes inescapably real.  It is also a time to make some last minute preparations not just around the home but to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible once the big moment arrives.

Staying calm in order to help your partner to stay calm seems logical enough but when Rodney’s wife’s water broke they were so relaxed that even the doctors were making a fuss.  When they finally made it to the hospital they faced 30 hours of labour and a birthing experience that wasn’t quite to expectation.

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Gaz knew that all the books and classes in the world wouldn’t be enough to completely prepare anyone for the birth of their child but they did help him to retain some control over a seemingly crazy situation. When the big day did arrive for Gaz and his partner they had a birth experience that wasn’t part of their ‘plan’.

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With the big day getting closer and closer, Stuart would really like his wife to take some time off work so they can relax before the birth. However, a fateful trip to the doctor’s clinic completely rearranges their plans and baby might be arriving a bit sooner than they expected!

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With the home birthing space all set up and ready to go, Leroy finds himself playing that familiar game of waiting that so many expecting fathers seem to experience. Little did Leroy know that when his partner finally does go into labour it would still be another three days before he met his little baby boy.

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Steve is taking this whole imminent parenthood thing right in his stride and on top of his to do list was making sure the house and nursery were perfect for the new arrival. Steve and his wife find that ‘nesting’ before the baby brought them even closer together.

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Now that Tim has been to the classes and has some idea of what to expect he is feeling a lot more comfortable. All he has to do now is play the waiting game.

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Date Created: October 4, 2012 Date Modified: July 3, 2018