Becoming a dad: Just relax and let the magic happen – Rodney’s 1st trimester experience

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Quite the opposite of an unexpected pregnancy, Rodney and his wife spent some time trying before they conceived. Never too worried about the situation, Rodney attributes the extra time needed to stress and other lifestyle factors but once he and his wife got the good news they never looked back.

Slight hiccup but she’ll be right

Rodney and his wife were in their early thirties when they decided to start trying for a baby but they soon found out that not everything would go according to plan.

“We tried for about eight months before we fell pregnant,” he said.

“Even though it wasn’t working we were never too worried.

“We were only in our early thirties, so we knew we had plenty of time on our side.

“If it had gone on any longer I think we would have started to worry a bit.

“At the time we were thinking it would be nice to have a baby but we weren’t hell bent on having one right then and there, it was more of a ‘when it happens it happens’ kind of thing.

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“My partner fell pregnant when we first met ten years prior to us trying for this baby.

“We were both really young and still in uni so we decided the best option at the time was to have an abortion.

“With that in mind we both knew that we were able to conceive, it was just a matter of when it was going to happen.

“We honestly thought that it would happen for us straight away as there was no reason for it not to but while it wasn’t working for us we thought that it might have something to do with stress.

“We didn’t own our own place at the time and both of us were doing shift work at our respective jobs and I suppose I was living a bit of a party lifestyle at the time which definitely wouldn’t have been helping our cause.

The ingredients for something special are simmering in the pot

Things started to turn around for Rodney and his wife once they had moved into their new home, a place they could call their very own.

“Once we had settled into our own place we were feeling a lot more comfortable in our surroundings and that’s when it finally happened for us,” he said.

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“It was almost as if when we stopped ‘trying’ to get pregnant, we did.

“I definitely think it was because we were more relaxed and happy in our own home.”

Measure twice – cut once

Once Rodney and his wife fell pregnant, he admits that he might have gone a little overboard with the preparations.

“I wanted to go to all the doctors’ appointments, know about all the supplements the wife needs and make sure we had all the baby furniture,” he said.

“I have since learnt that you might get a bit over enthusiastic with the first baby.

“You probably don’t really need to set up the entire baby’s room straight away as they spend the first few months in your room in a bassinette or something similar.

“But I was very excited about the idea of becoming a father.”

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Rodney also got stuck into some odd jobs around the house making sure that it was properly ready for the baby once it came home.

“I think my wife and I did quite well in the nesting side of things,” said Rodney.

Exciting times lie ahead

For Rodney, as it is for many fathers, the best memory of the first trimester was going with his wife to the 12 week scan.

“I was so excited to know that the baby was healthy and progressing well,” he said.

Being able to tell everybody that you are having a baby is a very happy and proud time.

“Although once you tell everyone about the baby, the dad can be pushed to one side as everyone wants to know how mum and baby are doing,” said Rodney.

“But it’s never a problem as you’re always more than happy to give everyone the latest on how mum and bub are doing.”

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Date Created: September 22, 2012 Date Modified: July 3, 2018