Becoming a dad: Leroy learns that less stress is best – Leroy’s 1st trimester experience

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Under normal circumstances Leroy is a pretty relaxed kind of bloke and even when he found out he was to become a father he barely cracked a sweat. But as the vastness of the situation started to sink in the normally unflappable Leroy was starting to have some serious anxieties about his ability to provide for his young family.

Landscape your face with a smile

Leroy is in his late twenties and runs a successful landscaping business with his brother.

From the very first moment Leroy and his partner found out they were pregnant you couldn’t wipe the smile of his face.

“I was super excited,” said Leroy.

“The first trimester was one big learning curve for me, full of excitement and intrigue but also some worry and stress.

Info overload leads to worry wart

“My mind had a million thoughts running through it 24/7 which is very unusual for me.”

“I would worry about whether the baby would be healthy and if my partner was able to cope with cooking a bun in her oven.” he said.

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“A lot of pregnancy information books are full of all the different things that can go wrong with the baby and with the birth.

“I started to feel like complications were normal and there was only a low chance of our baby coming out ‘normal’.

“After our first couple of appointments and scans I spoke to some of the nurses and they told me that there was very little to worry about and it was far more likely that out little bub was going to be perfectly healthy.

“With those worries out of my mind I started to think about my ability to support my new family.

 Show me the money!

“Even though my business is pretty successful there is always that level of uncertainty when it comes to income.

“Just before we fell pregnant we had subdivided our block and started building a new house so the stress and costs of building a house started getting to me and I became really worried about having enough money to do everything.

“I suppose these worries were in the background of my mind throughout the first trimester. When I realised just how excited and supporting our families were I started to relax a bit more and enjoy the beginnings of a great new experience.

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“I think sometimes you can get carried away listening to some blokes talk about how expensive kids are when in reality they really aren’t that bad.

Just relax and enjoy the ride

The worry was now replaced with great excitement as Leroy told anyone that would listen that he was on his way to becoming a dad.

“I loved those early days of telling people that we were expecting a baby,” he said.

“Everyone was really happy to hear the news and it’s a really nice feeling being congratulated and patted on the back all of the time.

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Date Created: September 22, 2012 Date Modified: July 3, 2018