Becoming a dad: Slightly smoother sailing ahead – Tim’s 2nd trimester experience

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As the initial shock started to subside, Tim found himself coming around to the prospect of becoming a father. Now that his wife’s morning sickness had improved and he was more emotionally stable, their pregnancy became something they could really enjoy together.

Slowly turning the corner

It was taking some time for Tim to get used to the idea of becoming a father but slowly he was warming to the idea.

“As the second trimester came around I think I was still in denial,” he said.

“But my wife was feeling better and we were managing.

“I was definitely happier than I was when I first found out but I was still plagued by some guilt over my thoughts at the time despite not thinking or feeling them anymore.

“I suppose over time I started to accept the idea that I was actually happy about having a baby and those feelings of guilt slowly went away.

Two is company – three is a family

“My wife and I were really enjoying the pregnancy together for the first time.

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“Because her morning sickness had cleared up and I was feeling a lot more emotionally stable we started to begin preparations for the baby.

“We were given loads of hand-me-down clothes, cot, bath, and bedding so we were very lucky.

As Tim became more accepting of the situation he started to develop a bond with the foetus.

“I placed my hand over her tummy a few times to feel it when it was moving which was fun and I also liked to play music for it and encourage my wife to come to a few gigs so the little one could enjoy music which I think she really responded to,” he said.

“My overall memory of the second trimester is a very good one.

“I can only remember good and happy things from that time because you’re over the initial shock and the scariness and the birth is still miles away.”

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Date Created: September 27, 2012 Date Modified: July 3, 2018