Mums: we need you! Penrith Babylab opens its doors

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Parents with an interest in improving our understanding of the way children learn about language and the world are urged to participate in the fun new scientific projects at the University of Western Sydney’s new Babylab at Penrith.

Following the success of the MARCS Institute Babylab at Bankstown, the University has opened an office in a new location the UWS Penrith campus to give even more parents the chance to take part in the latest research.

Walk into the Babylab and chances are you’ll hear the sounds of animated babies giggling and babbling with glee as they take part in fun games designed to give researchers new clues about the building blocks of language.

By recording babies’ interactions with specially designed games and analysing the way parents interact with their little ones, UWS researchers have gained important new insights into areas such as hearing impairment and reading difficulties such as Dyslexia.

The Head of the MARCS Institute Babylab, Dr Marina Kalashnikova, says the support of the local community has been a key part of the lab’s success.

“We have made many amazing breakthroughs over the past 15 years, and it’s only been possible thanks to the support of parents and their babies,” she says.

“Our new lab in Penrith will give parents from the local area and places like Richmond and the Blue Mountains even more opportunities to take part in research that will ultimately benefit them and other parents.”

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Parents, children and anyone with an interest in science and research are invited to the UWS Babylab facilities in Penrith and Bankstown.

Participants who join the BabyLab, receive graded BabyLab degrees for their child, regular BabyLab newsletters, plus a small gift and $30 for each visit to cover travel expenses.

For more information and to register for the Babylab please email or call Rachel Lee on 9772 6313.

(Source: University of Western Sydney)

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Date Created: January 20, 2015 Date Modified: January 25, 2015