Lessons for school transition

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The transition from primary to high school can be a stressful period for students, but ECU’s School of Education lecturer Mandie Shean says there are ways parents can help to make the move as smooth as possible.

Role for parents
“It is natural for parents to feel a bit anxious about their children making the move to high school because they want them to succeed,” Dr Shean said.

“But children can pick up on and reflect anxiety, so parents should be careful to frame the transition in a positive way, for example focusing on the opportunities to learn new things and make new friends.”

“It is helpful to talk to your children about the change, but it is important to allow them to express what they are feeling themselves without prompting.

Getting organised
Helping your child to develop organisational skills before they make the move to high school can also help them adjust.

“Help them develop strategies to follow if they get stuck with their work to prevent problems snowballing,” Dr Shean said.

“For example, encourage them to ask questions in class and to ask for help when needed.”

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“It can also be helpful to set aside a study space as well as a set time for homework.”

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(Source: Edith Cowan University)

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Date Created: February 4, 2015 Date Modified: February 12, 2015