Bedroom makeovers for kids

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kids bedroom
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Your child’s bedroom is a space where they relax, play and find sanctuary. As they grow and their personalities develop, it will also be a space where they express their personalities, whether that’s by hanging magazine pin ups on the walls, or spreading their mess on the floor. And however they express themselves, it’s likely to change as your child grows and develops (rumour even suggests they will eventually learn to keep their rooms tidy, but there’s no hard evidence to confirm that…).

Over the years you’ll probably need to makeover your child’s room several times as they grow up and develop their style and personality. You could spend a fortune but with a bit of creative thinking and some fun DIY, you can create a child’s room that’s got everything they need (from storage space to play areas) and looks a million dollars, for a pittance.

Six bedroom makeover essentials

kids bedroomWhen revamping your child’s bedroom, things like colour and storage space are essential considerations, regardless of your child’s age and sex, the size of the room or the shape of the furniture. Find out more about bedroom makeover essentials.

Twelve tips for creating storage spaces in your child’s bedroom

kids bedroomStorage space is an important part of any room, and kids generally accumulate lots of things they need to store. So you’ll need to be practical and creative when designing your child’s bedroom, to make sure there’s plenty of space for storing all the things that might otherwise end up on the floor. Find out more about creating storage spaces in your child’s bedroom.


Eight tips for decorating kids’ bedrooms on a budget

96403060-kids-bedroom-150pxDecorating a child’s room can cost a fortune but it doesn’t have to. Everything from furniture to paint and accessories can be found at bargain prices or sometimes even free. Read our eight tips for decorating on a budget.



Ten kids bedroom ideas (that you don’t need to be an artist or carpenter to create)

kids bedroomDecorating a child’s bedroom needs a bit of creativity and experimentation, but you certainly don’t need to be an artist to make a room look great. Here are ten do-it-yourself ideas that even parents without an artistic bones in their body can manage.




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Date Created: October 16, 2013 Date Modified: July 12, 2016