The grand old duke of York

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The grand old duke of York (March on the spot)
He had 10,000 men
He marched them up to the top of the hill (Keep marching and stretch up tall)
And he marched them down again. (Keep marching and squat down low)
And when they were up they were up, (Gradually get taller again, until on tiptoe)
And when they were done they were down, (March crouched over)
And when they were nearly half way up,
They were neither up nor down. (When you say ‘up’ raise your arms over your head, then squat down low when you say ‘down’)
He marched them all to the left, (March to the left)
Then he marched them all to the right, (March to the right)
He marched them round, and round, and round (March around in a circle)
Then he marched them out of sight!  (Cover your eyes with your hands)


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Date Created: October 21, 2011 Date Modified: November 14, 2018