Orange icy poles

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Ice blocks made from freshly squeezed oranges with no added sugar are healthy snacks for kids to cool down with on a hot day.

Number of servings: 6
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: No cooking
Difficulty rating: Easy

Age recommendation:

This recipe is suitable for toddlers and older children.  Fruit juices should be avoided by babies under 12 months of age. All children should consume only small quantities of fruit juice, whole pieces of fruit are a more nutritious option.  Note that consuming too much fruit juice (especially in very young children) may cause diarrhoea because the sugar is poorly absorbed by children’s digestive tracts.


400ml freshly squeezed orange juice (5-8 oranges depending on the size)


  • Juice the oranges
  • Pour the juice into icy pole moulds
  • Put in the freezer until frozen
  • Serve straight from the freezer


  • No additives are needed- oranges contain natural sugars so there is no need to add sugar to this recipe.
  • If you have an orange tree, this is a great way to prepare and store oranges when they’re in season.
  • You can use any freshly squeezed fruit juice to make these ice blocks.
  • Orange icy poles are a great healthy treat for a hot day.
  • Make these ice blocks to serve at a children’s party.

Nutritional content:

Nutritional content per orange lollipop:

 Energy 97.30 kJ
 Protein 0.35 g
 Total fat 0.07 g
 Saturated fat 0.00 g
 Carbohydrates 5.11 g
 Total sugars 5.11 g
 Fibre 0.14 g
 Sodium 4.20 mg
 Cholesterol 0.00 mg
 Potassium 96.60 mg
Calcium 6.30 mg
Iron 0.07 mg
Zinc 0.14 mg


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Date Created: December 9, 2013 Date Modified: January 3, 2018