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Maternity bras

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Maternity bras, also sometimes called nursing bras, are supportive bras with cups which clip open and closed at the front, to enable easy breastfeeding. Women who are not planning to breastfeed their baby may...

Workplace breastfeeding: A working lunch

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If you've just had a baby and it's time for you to get back to the grind, then you may have some questions about how and when it is appropriate to breastfeed bubs at...
Mother breastfeeding

Abreast of the times: Breastfeeding and work

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Times, they are a-changing. Now with full-time, career minded women in the workplace, the pressures of breastfeeding have become complicated. For the near 120,000 women returning from maternity each year, many won't be returning...
Exercise and Yoga positions

Pregnancy: Exercises to do and avoid

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So you're a hot mamma and you want to stay that way throughout your pregnancy. Exercise is a great way to maintain your health and fitness for you and your baby. Talking to your...

When to wear a maternity bra

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When to start There is no ‘right time’ to start wearing a maternity bra during pregnancy - when you choose to make the change is completely up to you. Breasts increase in size during pregnancy...
Close up of doctor as distraught couple hold one another in background.

Miscarriage: Sue’s journey

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Nothing can prepare you for the devastation of being told that your pregnancy hasn’t made it, it’s just not something that is ever anticipated. Many women don’t know who to turn to for help or...
Happy couple

7 weeks pregnant

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Week 7 of pregnancy the fifth week of your baby’s development and the second week of the period in which all your baby’s organs start developing. This period is called the embryogenesis stage of...
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