7 weeks pregnant: Key points

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Pregnancy week 7 is a time when baby’s organs develop rapidly and mums are like to experience pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness.

Changes for mum

  • A thick layer of mucous which blocks the entrance to your womb develops this week. It’s called the cervical plug and protects your baby from foreign substances throughout the pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy hormones are hard at work and most women experience pregnancy symptoms as a result of the hormonal changes.
  • Morning sickness is the most common pregnancy symptom. It’s unpleasant but unless very severe it’s nothing to worry about.
  • It’s also common to feel tired or emotional at this stage of pregnancy.
  • You may notice your breasts changing and they may be sore or tender this week.

Changes for baby

  • Baby grows rapidly this week- it doubles in length and by the end of week 7 is about as tall as the width of a paper clip.
  • Baby’s internal organs, facial features and body develop rapidly this week.
  • Baby’s body takes a more distinctly human form and the head grows larger to accommodate baby’s rapidly growing brain and the arms and legs begin to lengthen.
  • Facial features including the eyes, ears, nose and forehead become distinct this week
  • The nervous system continues to develop and muscles and nerves which regulate movement of the face and some internal organs form.
  • Organs of urogenital system including the kidneys, bladder and urethra begin to take shape.
  • The lungs and other organs involved in breathing continue to grow.
  • Your baby has a heartbeat and the heart divides to form four separate chambers this week, whereas previously it was just a single chamber.
  • The glands which produce hormones begin to grow this week. The first one to develop is called the thyroid gland and produces hormones involved in digesting food.
  • The tongue, intestine and other organs for eating and digesting food begin to form or continue growing.
  • The vertebrae and arm bones begin to form.
  • The umbilical cord which attaches baby to your body via the placenta forms.

Doctor appointments and health information

  • Antenatal care is important for a healthy pregnancy- if you have not yet seen your doctor for antenatal care, do so this week.
  • If you experience morning sickness which prevents you from eating enough or keeping food down, talk to your doctor.
  • Stay healthy by eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and avoiding medicines and recreational drugs (including tobacco and alcohol) which can harm your baby.
  • The doctor can tell the age of your baby on a pregnancy ultrasound by measuring it’s length.

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Date Created: February 4, 2013 Date Modified: February 6, 2013