7 weeks pregnant: Doctor appointments and health information

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It’s important to see a doctor in early pregnancy, so that you can work out when you’re due to give birth and ensure you’ve done everything you need to do to get your pregnancy off to a healthy start. Usually you’ll require screening tests for diseases which can interfere with your baby’s development or threaten your health during pregnancy, and nutritional supplements like folate. If you have not already visited your doctor for antenatal care, make an appointment this week.

If you’ve already visited your doctor, the symptoms of pregnancy you’re likely to be experiencing by this stage of pregnancy may be making you feel like you need to go back. You may be having difficulty coping with morning sickness or feeling like an emotional wreck. While these symptoms can be disturbing, they’re normal. If symptoms are troubling you it’s best to share them with your doctor, however if you’re coping okay, there’s probably no need.

What to do if you experience spot bleeding

Spot bleeding is experienced by about 1 in 4 women in the first trimester of pregnancy. This may be nothing to worry about however it can also be a sign of miscarriage or other pregnancy complications such as ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy growing outside of the womb). About half of the women who experience spot bleeding in the first trimester (1 in 8 pregnant women) experience miscarriage. Bleeding does not necessarily mean you will have a miscarriage, so don’t panic. However, it’s important to see your doctor or care provider if you do experience spotting, so they can check for complications.

Staying physically healthy

160736178 Woman with healthy foodAs the period of embryogenesis in which all your baby’s internal organs develop continues this week, it is a critical period for you to stay physically healthy. That means a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and avoiding dangerous substances like tobacco, alcohol and some medicines. Talk with your doctor about any medicines you are taking to check they will not harm your baby- you may need to change some of your medicines while you are pregnant.

Dealing with pregnancy emotions

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It’s normal to feel a bit emotional at this stage of pregnancy but if you feel constantly down you may have depression. Talk to your doctor about what you’re feeling, they can refer you to a counsellor or someone else who can help you deal with pregnancy emotions (if that’s what you need).

Coping with morning sickness

Morning sickness is a normal and common part of early pregnancy, but it should not prevent you from eating enough food for you and your baby. Very severe morning sickness, called hyperemesis gravidarium, is dangerous and requires treatment. If you are so nauseous that you can’t eat or vomiting prevents you from keeping food down, talk to your doctor.

Pregnancy ultrasound- features used to determine the age of your baby

While the doctor can make a good estimate of the age of your baby based on the date of your last menstrual period, this may be inaccurate if your menstrual cycle is irregular or you are not entirely sure of the date. Sometimes the doctor will perform an ultrasound and use features of the embryo to determine the age.

The length of your baby at its longest point is one indicator of your baby’s age. An observable umbilical vesicle may also be used to determine your baby’s age this week.

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