GP Q/A – Baby flat feet

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Reader question:

Hello, Dr Joe,

We were doing footprints at playgroup and I noticed my 2 year old was the only one with a completely flat-footed footprint. Is this something I need to take her to see a doctor about?

GP response:

Dr Joe Kosterich MBBS, General Practitioner and Editorial Advisory Board Member of the Virtual Medical Centre and Parenthub responds:

Desiree SpieringsPeople are put together differently and one of these differences is the arches of the feet. Some have high foot arches, others “flat feet” and the rest are in-between. Whilst not “hereditary” as such, it can run in families.

It is of no significance in itself, especially in children who are still growing as the final shape of the foot arch is not set.

If you are concerned, then at your next visit ask your doctor to check their feet, but you don’t need a special trip. You don’t need special exercises or shoes. It is okay for children to go barefoot too. And encourage them to be active on their feet.

The things to watch for in children are difficulty walking, favouring one side, or a limp. If you notice any of these then you should see your doctor. However, flat feet will of itself not cause these issues.

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Date Created: February 25, 2014 Date Modified: February 27, 2018