What to pack for hospital

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Pregnant woman with bag packed, holding keys ready to go to hospital
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Pregnancy itself can be quite an experience and when you’re nearing your due date, the prospect of childbirth can really get your nerves jangling. You won’t be able to control your labour pains or how long childbirth takes, but you can relieve the stress of giving birth a little by working out what you’ll need to pack for hospital, and packing your hospital bag well in advance.

Some items like comfortable clothes and sanitary pads you’ve probably already thought of. But little extras, like a spray bottle or sponge to cool down with, or crosswords to keep yourself occupied while you’re waiting to go home, may not have even crossed your mind. You may also need to make sure dad (or whoever will be going to hospital with you) is prepared with all the things he’ll need at the hospital, and then of course there’s bub.

When you’ve packed your hospital bags, it’s also worth spending some time making sure you have a good plan in place to get to there. The last thing you want is to be stuck at the side of the road with the car bonnet up when you’re in labour.

For first time mothers and even those who’ve done it all before, working out what to pack for hospital and making sure the plan to get there is failsafe, can be difficult. Being prepared will make it easier. For a bit of extra help we’ve put together some suggestions of what you should consider packing for mum, dad and baby, as well as some tips to make sure you get there on time.

A doctor handing a mum her newborn baby

If your due date is approaching, you’ve probably already asked ‘What should I pack in my hospital bag?’ Labour pains can signal that childbirth is imminent at any time, so it’s good to do some research about what to take to hospital and get your packing done early. See our suggestions for things you shouldn’t go without. Packing for hospital- things mum will need during labour and after childbirth.


A newborn baby in hospital

What should you pack for hospital to ensure everything your newborn needs is with you? There are the obvious things like nappies and clothes, but also a whole host of things you may never have considered putting on your baby checklist. See our suggestions about what to put in baby’s hospital bag. Packing for hospital- what to take for your newborn.


Man folding a shirt into a suitcase

No matter how much support you give your partner during childbirth, she’ll probably be more than a little upset if you forget the camera and happy with a little spoiling in the form of a massage. Fathers to be need to think in advance about what to pack for hospital. See our suggestions and make sure you’ve got all the essentials plus a few things to treat your partner after all the hard work. Fathers to be- what to pack for hospital.

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A couple driving a carOnce your hospital bags are packed with all the essentials (and a few extra luxuries), don’t forget to make a plan for getting there. If your car is a bomb or your partner always leaves it to the last minute to fill the tank, you might need to make a plan B. Find out more about how you can make a failsafe plan for Getting to hospital for childbirth.



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Date Created: April 12, 2013 Date Modified: June 17, 2013