Study short and sweet

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Studying for short bursts works better than hitting the books for hours at a time when it comes to exam preparation, according to education expert Dr Mandie Shean.

Dr Shean said breaking up study sessions into chunks of 25 to 30 minutes can help students better retain information.

Bite sized study sessions

“It is generally better to space your study out over four 30 minute sessions rather than to go for two hours straight,” she said.

“It can be useful to get a timer, or use your phone, and plan out 25 minute study periods, with a five minute break in between each session.

”This break can help you to be able to maintain focus and retain information.”

Find your study style

Dr Shean said because every student is different there is no “one size fits” all approach to study. Instead, it is important to find out what works best for each individual.

“Firstly, you have to set up your study space the way you like it which includes lighting, ventilation and any background noise.

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“You should also decide whether you prefer to study in groups or alone. There is no right answer to this, but if you are going to study with other people, ensure that they have similar study goals and won’t be a distraction.

“Work out the best technique that helps you retain and remember information once you have read it. This may be by taking notes, making drawings, self-testing, creating mindmaps or a combination of techniques.”

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(Source: Edith Cowan University)

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Date Created: November 14, 2015