Psychosis cases spark New Year’s Eve drugs warning

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New Year revellers were today warned by WA Health to avoid drugs and go easy on alcohol after Fremantle emergency doctors reported treating seven psychosis cases in 24 hours caused by an as-yet unidentified illicit drug.

Fremantle Hospital ED Co-Director Dr Ian Dey said the latest spike in cases illustrated the dangers drugs posed.

“What we know so far is that these cases have involved the ingestion of blue unmarked capsules which were purchased locally, with most believing they contained predominantly MDMA(ecstasy),” Dr Dey said.

“These cases are a further warning to people to be extremely cautious taking drugs such as these – not just at this time of the year but all year round.

“You just can’t be sure of where the drug has come from, what’s in it or what effect it might have and as we have seen over the past 24 hours, the effect can be very dramatic and dangerous.”

“Ideally the best thing to do is avoid drugs entirely.

“However, if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, avoid dangerous activities such as driving and swimming.”

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Dr Dey urged revellers who suspected a friend was badly affected by drugs or alcohol to call an ambulance immediately, as every second counted.

(Source: Government of Western Australia – Department of Health)

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Date Created: January 7, 2014 Date Modified: January 10, 2014