Online game gives students a glimpse of university life

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Curtin University’s Addressing Higher Educational Access Disadvantage (AHEAD) program has launched Campus Quest, an online game that gives prospective students a virtual glimpse of life at university.

Campus Quest helps prepare students for the real university experience, as gamers juggle their allocated time, money, assignments and social life while trying to achieve good marks and have fun.

Professor Jill Downie Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education said the game was an innovative way to foster the aspirations of people who are traditionally under-represented in higher education.

“Curtin is committed to increasing the number of people who engage in higher education across Australia, and Campus Quest is a fun way to showcase the university experience,” Professor Downie said.

“We hear from prospective students, including mature age, that they do not have an accurate perception of what going to university is like and we want them to see that a degree is more than just attending classes.

“Universities are becoming more innovative in their teaching and research, so it makes sense that we should also be inventive when reaching out to the next generation of students.”

In Campus Quest, gamers are able to create an avatar and interact with characters on the virtual campus, from classmates and friends to lecturers and counsellors. The game also includes real-life resources and information about university, such as course information and support services.

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It is hoped Campus Quest will give gamers a greater insight into university life and the inspiration to pursue further education opportunities.

Curtin AHEAD, supported by the Australian Government Department of Education, is a collaborative and innovative higher education outreach program that grows the potential of groups and individuals that are under-represented in higher education.

The Curtin AHEAD program has supported school and community projects including tutoring, mentoring, campus visits and workshops to encourage participants to engage with higher education and enhance their future opportunities.

For more information on Campus Quest and to play, visit

(Source: Curtin University)

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Date Created: March 3, 2015