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Families around the world had their dream questions answered as part of a global Facebook forum to mark Baby Sleep Day.

Flinders University child sleep psychologist, Associate Professor Michael Gradisar, helped kickstart the Pediatric Sleep Council social media Q&A session, on 1 March. The forum focused questions about typical sleep development or sleep problems for children aged 0 to 3 years old.

“Little ones sometimes like to have some sort of distracting sound or music on while they fall asleep. Know, though, that this can become a habit,” Associate Professor Gradisar says.

Associate Professor Gradisar, director of the Child and Adolescent Sleep Clinic at Flinders in Adelaide, has specialised in the treatment of paediatric sleep problems since 2006. He has researched controlled crying and bedtime fading.

He was part of a group of 15 experts in Australia, Europe and the UK, Brazil and North America taking part in the 24-hour Facebook event.

Dr Erin Leichman, executive director of the international Pediatric Sleep Council, says families often seek answers and support regarding their children’s sleep – whether their questions are about typical sleep development or sleep problems.

“Raising awareness about healthy sleep using an international platform is an important step in giving families the answers, support and information they seek – with an ultimate goal of preventing sleep problems before they arise,” she says.

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Go to the Pediatric Sleep Council’s Facebook page at or visit the website for more information including videos with paediatric sleep experts, tips, research and tools to help children and their families get the sleep they need.

About Baby Sleep Day

Baby Sleep Day is every March 1, preceding National Sleep Awareness Week and World Sleep Day. Baby Sleep Day brings attention to the importance of a good night’s sleep for every young child and their family. Baby Sleep Day is organised by the Pediatric Sleep Council, a team of international paediatric sleep experts that recently launched the website.

(Source: Flinders University)

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Date Created: March 21, 2017 Date Modified: March 23, 2017