New Safe Sleep eLearning released for parents

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African American Family playing and laughing with their daughter.African American Family playing and laughing with their daughter.
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Red Nose (formerly SIDS and Kids) has released an eLearning course for new and expectant parents that aims to empower parents with evidence-based tools to protect their baby and reduce the risk of sudden and unexpected death in infancy.

The Red Nose Safe Sleep eLearning course for New and Expectant Parents is designed to give new and expectant parents and carers up-to-date safe sleeping information in an easy-to-understand and interactive format.

Highlighting evidence-based recommendations and with course content delivered by midwife and Red Nose’s Manager of Health and Advocacy, Jane Wiggill, it covers the latest in safe sleeping information, delivered in an easy to understand and interactive format.

Ms Wiggill said with over 300,000 new babies born in Australia every year, there was a need to ensure parents are given the right tools to make informed choices about their baby’s sleep safety.

“Every day we have parents asking us how they can best sleep their baby safely. There is a lot of information out there and it can be really overwhelming to know what is right and what isn’t,” she says.

“This course explores the six evidence-based recommendations for reducing the risk of SUDI, and how to implement them when looking after your little one.”

Ms Wiggill said the recommendations contained in the course had been developed by Red Nose’s National Scientific Advisory Group, who are a committee made up of experts in the fields of research, health care and midwifery.

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“Following these evidence-based recommendations does work in reducing risk,” Ms Wiggill said.

“Red Nose is recognised as Australia’s leading safe sleep experts, and since risk reduction campaigns began in 1990, there has been an 85 per cent decrease in sudden unexpected deaths in infancy in Australia, saving an estimated 9,967 lives.”

Ms Wiggill said the course was highly recommended for all parents and carers, including friends and family who cared for a baby from time to time.

“Nine Australian babies die each and every day suddenly and unexpectedly, and we believe, through continued education and research, that we can get this number down to zero,” she said.

“This course will give parents the evidence-based knowledge to protect their baby and reduce their risks.”

The Red Nose Safe Sleep eLearning for New and Expectant Parents is recommended for use by all parents and carers and can be downloaded from Red Nose.

The course is available for the special introductory price of $16.95 (RRP $24.95) for a limited time. All proceeds go towards research, education and bereavement support services.

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(Source: Red Nose)

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Date Created: September 23, 2018