HelpMe Feed Foundation is Born

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The HelpMe Feed breastfeeding support project recently registered as a not-for-profit charity – the ‘HelpMe Feed Foundation.’

Thanks to the support of a passionate international team of researchers, designers and IBLCE certified lactation specialists, the HelpMe Feed vision is fast becoming a reality. The breastfeeding support technology is set to roll out from early 2019.

HelpMe Feed grew out of Small World Social’s ‘Mother Baby Project’ – based on Google Glass wearable tech.

Led by Director and data specialist, Madeline Sands, the mission of this social enterprise has always been clear: to support the next generation of breastfeeding mothers through smart, accessible technology.

Currently 86% of new parents are either Millennials or Gen Z – digital natives who work, live and connect through their smartphones. Despite being more connected than ever, when it comes to breastfeeding support, it can be easy for a new parent to slip through the cracks.

Mothers are isolated from support networks yet bombarded by conflicting and incorrect advice. HelpMe Feed seeks to overcome these challenges through customized, evidence based content delivered in an accessible format that’s available 24/7.

HelpMe Feed’s library of high quality short instructional videos are based on international standards set and prescribed by the World Health Organization. The content has been created with the support of many midwives and experienced health professionals and is fully independent of any commercial interests.

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Targeting health professionals by providing ‘help for the breastfeeding helpers’, the app connects lactation specialists and volunteer coaches with new parents. This happens at no cost and from the convenient touchpoint of a smartphone.

For experienced volunteer coaches, the app provides an exciting new way to connect with new parents who need their expertise. For parents and the next generation of breastfed children, the potential health benefits are immensely promising.

(Source: HelpMe Feed)

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Date Created: November 28, 2018