Free online course delves into family history

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This summer Australians have the opportunity to research their family history as part of a free online course from the University of Tasmania.

Introduction to Family History will introduce students to a range of online family history resources and research techniques, plus one month’s free access to the library.

“Knowing about your past and where you came from can be important in understanding who you are today,” said Dr Dianne Snowden, lecturer for the course.

Dr Snowden is a professional historian, heritage consultant and genealogist, and has taught family history for more than 25 years.

“The course will cover the basic principles of family history – starting with yourself – and working backwards,” said Dr Snowden.

“It’s not all about names and dates; the most exciting discoveries reside in the social context, the photos, the quirky anecdotes and interesting circumstances our ancestors lived through. With access to today’s online resources, and billions of historical documents and photos, you’ll be surprised what can be revealed.”

“The holidays are the perfect time to connect with family and collect an oral history,” Dr Snowden said. “If you are lucky enough to still have a living patriarch or matriarch in your family, take the time to sit with them and listen. You’ll be amazed at what you learn about their life and gain some context to what led to your own unique circumstances.”

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“It can bring families closer as members share stories and really get to understand the generations who have come before.”

To apply, or find out more about the Introduction to Family History free online course, visit:

Applications close 16th December 2014.

(Source: University of Tasmania)

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Date Created: December 7, 2014