Forrest Place Water Feature, Perth

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Forrest Place
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The 12m by 12m water sculpture was designed by Danish artist Jeppe Hein. It has jets of water which shoot into the air to create 9 ‘rooms’. The jets are on a program where all jets may be on at once creating the full 9 rooms, and it will then rotate through only some jets being on creating just a few rooms of different sizes.  The anticipation of potentially getting wet as you navigate through the feature is a large part of the excitement for children (and adults!).

The jets go up and down quickly so you have an easy opportunity to escape if you’ve had enough.

The feature uses recycled stormwater which is filtered and chlorinated to swimming pool standards.


All ages


Enough to do for a half an hour to an hour of water play.


  • The water feature itself is one level so it is accessible with wheelchairs and prams. Next to the water feature is a sunken area – it has two steps with a non-slip surface, but be careful that you notice them in the excitement of the water feature. There is a ramp option for wheelchairs and prams.
  • There is parking throughout the City of Perth, but it is expensive. The feature is easily accessible by public transport and a taxi stop point which runs right next to the feature.


  • Little girl jumpingThere is a public seating area with tables shaded by parasols.
  • There are no changerooms for if you get very wet – so you may want to take this into consideration when packing and dressing that day.
  • There are many cafes nearby and a supermarket around the corner.



Opening hours

Open daily until 10pm. At night time the feature is lit up.

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Forrest Place, Perth


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Date Created: February 11, 2013