Seasonal fruits and vegetables

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Fruit and vegetables
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When a fruit or vegetable is in season, it means that at that time of year it is at its peak, in terms of flavour or harvest. Eating seasonally is a healthier, more economic and environmentally friendly way of getting your daily 2 fruits and 5 vegetables that is often overlooked. ‘2 and 5’ is a campaign introduced by the government’s Department of Health and Ageing to encourage healthy eating in Australians.

119189049choosingfvThere are a number of benefits that come from eating seasonally, including the health benefits that come from eating fresh, local fruit and vegetables, helping to support your local farmers and producers, avoiding excess damage to the environment and saving a dollar or two in the process. Find out more about these benefits of eating seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The benefits of eating seasonally



Find out more about which fruits and vegetables to keep your eye out for this summer.

Summer fruits and vegetables




Find out which fresh and local vegetables will be great in your soups this winter.

Winter fruits and vegetables

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159044345 Autumn fruits and vegetables


Learn which fruit and vegetables to buy from your local producer this Autumn.

Autumn fruits and vegetables




Discover which fresh fruits and vegetables you should be buying this Spring.

Spring fruits and vegetables



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Date Created: January 2, 2013 Date Modified: March 12, 2013