Baa baa black sheep (Baa baa coloured sheep)

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black sheep in a field
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A great action song for teaching your child about colours. There is a craft activity that goes with this song for an extended play session.

Baa baa black sheep  
Have you any wool? (Raise hands and shrug shoulders in a questioning gesture)
Yes sir, yes sir (Nod with each ‘Yes’)
Three bags full (Show 3 fingers {Optional you can add in another line here by saying one, two, three})
One for the master (Show 1 finger)
One for the dame (Raise another finger to show 2 fingers)
And one for the little boy (Raise another finger to show 3 fingers)
Who lives down the lane  (Point down the lane)


Repeat the song replacing ‘black’ with other colours, e.g. baa baa red sheep, have you any wool?

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Date Created: August 17, 2013 Date Modified: August 22, 2013