Baa baa black sheep (Baa baa coloured sheep)

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Baa baa black sheep (Baa baa coloured sheep)

A great action song for teaching your child about colours. There is a craft activity that goes with this song for an extended play session.

Baa baa black sheep 
Have you any wool?(Raise hands and shrug shoulders in a questioning gesture)
Yes sir, yes sir(Nod with each ‘Yes’)
Three bags full(Show 3 fingers {Optional you can add in another line here by saying one, two, three})
One for the master(Show 1 finger)
One for the dame(Raise another finger to show 2 fingers)
And one for the little boy(Raise another finger to show 3 fingers)
Who lives down the lane (Point down the lane)


Repeat the song replacing ‘black’ with other colours, e.g. baa baa red sheep, have you any wool?

Download the printable version

Date Created: August 17, 2013 Date Modified: August 22, 2013

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