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Easter kids' activities

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Easter holidays are a fantastic opportunity for educational fun. These Easter kids' activities, crafts and games will provide hours of educational fun for kids. Healthy Easter Ideas Making Easter for children a positive celebration filled with...

Easter educational worksheets: Counting, matching and patterns for 4-6 year olds

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Age 4-6 years Duration of activity Theses worksheets can be used to fill in a spare ten minutes. But if your child loves writing and colouring they’ll probably spend much longer and want to repeat their favourite...

Easter egg and card to decorate

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Age 2-8 years Duration of activity This activity will take 15-30 minutes (or even longer!) depending on your child’s age and the ways they choose to decorate the egg or card Materials/equipment Printable Easter Egg to Decorate or...

Easter bunny ears

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Age 2-10 years Duration of activity Making a set of Easter Bunny ears will take approximately 30 minutes. Materials/equipment Printable Easter Bunny ears template A4 cardboard sheets Scissors- for younger children use blunt nose safety scissors Colouring pencils Glue Cello tape Cost This activity is inexpensive-...

Easter bunny envelope

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Age 4-10 years Duration of activity This activity will take about 30 minutes. If you make several envelopes your child will probably get quicker as they make additional cards Materials/equipment Printable Easter Bunny Envelope template - print one page...

Easter egg hunt alternatives

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Age 2-12 Duration of activity Depending on age and which activities you chose, alternative Easter hunts can last for anything from a few minutes to a few hours. Materials/equipment The materials and equipment you’ll need for alternative Easter hunts...

Easter matching, tracing and counting worksheets for 2-4 year olds

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Age 2-4 years Duration of activity A single worksheet can be completed in about 10 minutes. However you can extend the time by asking your child lots of questions about the worksheets as you go. Materials/equipment Printable Easter educational...

Hand washing game: Hot potato with soap

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Hot potato is an old favourite with kids. Use a bar of soap as the hot potato and it’s a fun way to teach kids about hand washing. They’ll also improve their motor skills...

Toy labels tidying up activity

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Age Two years and over Duration of activity This activity should make cleaning up after play a little quicker than it used to be and will also teach children a range of educational skills. Materials/equipment Toy labels –...

Fruit and vegetable flashcard games

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Age 0-5 years. Different activities are more appropriate for different ages. For example babies may enjoy simply looking and pointing at the cards, while toddlers and pre-schoolers will enjoy developing their skills playing the memory...
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