New dad: The first few weeks after the birth

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Father and baby
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After months and months of preparation and waiting, one of the biggest days of your life has finally arrived. Nothing can fully prepare you for that moment, it is a moment of learning and self-discovery and most of all, pure happiness!

But it’s just that – a moment – and in no time at all it has passed you by. That special day will be something you never forget but now the rest of your life as a father is already beginning  and you are about to embark on a very steep learning curve as you clumsily feel your way through the dark. But there is no need to fret; every new dad faces this plethora of challenges.

Find out how these dads coped with all the obstacles and challenges that came flying thick and fast in the first few months of being a dad.

Leroy was now the proud father of a healthy baby boy and it was time to head home and attempt to resume life as he barely remembers it. But he was soon to find out that there is a sharp learning curve when you’re looking after a newborn baby full time.

Baby steps a-plenty – Leroy’s post birth experience


152128009 Parents with newbornAs a new dad, Stuart wanted nothing more to go home with his wife and new baby girl to start their family life. But his wife had other ideas and was reluctant to leave the hospital. Getting home was hard and there were a few challenges for Stuart at home as he supported his wife through her breastfeeding difficulties and got used to being her number two priority. Read more about Stuart’s experience becoming a father.

Being a father can take some getting used to – Stuart’s post birth experience

In Steve’s own words, the first week home after childbirth was absolutely crazy. But like many new dads it didn’t take long to settle into a good routine and to start really enjoying having his newborn baby daughter as a part of his life.

Just the beginning of an amazing journey – Steve’s post birth experience


Gaz and his partner were absolutely delighted to be able to hold their baby son in their arms for the first time. All the overwhelming aspects of the birth fell instantly by the way side and Gaz was about to find out what being a dad really meant.

A whole new life begins for Gaz – Gaz’s post birth experience


With their precious cargo now safely home Rodney found himself with a lot on his plate. Luckily he is a fast learner when it comes to newborn care and in no time at all he was changing nappies like a pro.

It’s back to basics as Rodney learns ‘baby 101’ – Rodney’s post birth experience

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Date Created: December 1, 2012 Date Modified: July 3, 2018