Tohora nui (the big whale)

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Whale in water
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Tohora nui
Tohora roa
Tohora tino momona
Tohora whiwhiua
Tohora piupiua
Tohora kau roto te moana e



The big whale (Hold your arms outstretched on either side of you)
The long whale (Hold your arms outstretched, with one arm reaching up and the other reaching down)
The very fat whale (Hold your arms outstretched on either side of you, puff out your cheeks)
Whale flick your tail (Hold both arms out in front of you, side by side with your palms facing up and flick them from the elbow down to mimic the tail)
Whale spout your water (Puff your cheeks and blow out)
Whale swim under the sea (Motion your hand across your body to imitate the waves of the sea)


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Date Created: November 12, 2012 Date Modified: July 3, 2018