Tiny Tim the turtle

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Mother stands her baby up in the tub.
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I had a little turtle (Make a “turtle” with one fist with your thumb poking out)
His name was Tiny Tim
I put him in the bath tub
To see if he could swim (Move arms in swimming motion)
He drank up all the water (Pretend to drink from a cup, making slurping noise)
He ate up all the soap (Open and close fingers as if they are eating, making munching noise)
And now he has a bubble
In the middle of his throat! (Touch throat)
Bubble bubble bubble (Slowly open arms wider and wider, trill lips to make bubbling noise)
Bubble bubble bubble
POP! (Pop finger out of mouth to make a popping noise)


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Date Created: October 12, 2011 Date Modified: March 25, 2013