Sore hand rhyme

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Baby's hand.
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Children often get upset when they hurt themselves and look to parents or carers to make them feel better. This is a really useful rhyme that you can sing to them whenever a mild injury occurs. Kids love routine, so you will find that your little one soon focuses more on singing along and quickly forgets that they were ever hurt.

Pat it (Take child’s sore hand in yours and gently pat it)
Kiss it (Kiss child’s hand)
Stroke it (Stroke child’s hand)
Hug it (Hug your child)
Three days sunshine (Using both hands, make a big circle with your arms to represent the sun)
Three days rain (Starting with hands above your head, twinkle fingers and move hands down to chest height to represent rain)
Little hand (Clap with your child with each word)
All well again (Clap with your child with each word)


Tip: You can use this rhyme for just about any part of the body that a child may hurt. To do this, simply exchange ‘hand’ for the body part they are concerned about.

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Date Created: September 5, 2012 Date Modified: March 25, 2013