5 weeks pregnant

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When you are 5 weeks pregnant (five weeks from the beginning of your last menstrual bleeding) your baby is entering its third week of development.

Congratulations! Your missed period this week may be the first sign that you’re pregnant. You may also be starting to feel pregnant because of pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, heartburn and insomnia. Breast and cervical changes which occur in early pregnancy may also be signs that you’re pregnant. Find out more about what to expect when you’re 5 weeks pregnant.

Changes for mum this week

Your baby is now 1.5mm long and the embryonic cells are differentiating to form cells for eyes, the heart and all the other body organs and parts. Development of the foetus (at this stage still called an embryo) occurs rapidly and your baby’s heart begins beating this week! Find out more about what your baby is doing.

Changes for baby this week


Even if you know you are pregnant because you’ve taken a home pregnancy test, you need to visit your doctor in week 5 of pregnancy. They can give you advice about pregnancy foods and exercise and calculate your pregnancy due date. An early pregnancy ultrasound can be used to calculate your pregnancy due date. Find out more.

Doctor appointments this week

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A quick summary of the changes to mum’s body, the baby to be, medical appointments and lifestyle information for both mum and dad.

Key points this week



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Date Created: June 18, 2012 Date Modified: July 3, 2018