Becoming a father: The first trimester of pregnancy

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Becoming a father has to be one of the single most life changing experiences for any man. Despite the enormity of the situation it can be difficult for blokes to find information or advice that they can relate to. We have interviewed a selection of fathers with young families on their experiences, difficulties, challenges and rewards.

Its advice from men for men and there’s no better place to start than at the beginning, here we learn about how different guys cope and manage with the news that they are having a baby and the first few months of pregnancy.

Quite the opposite of an unexpected pregnancy, Rodney and his wife spent some time trying before they conceived.  Never too worried about the situation, Rodney attributes the extra time needed to stress and other lifestyle factors but once he and his wife got the good news they never looked back.

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When Gaz decided he wanted to make some drastic changes in his life he thinking more career or study and definitely not baby.  But that is exactly what happened to this young man. In the same week he chucked in his job to go back to university he also found out that he was an expecting father.

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Everything in Tim’s life seemed to be going along swimmingly and the last thing he expected to hear from his wife was that they were about to become parents. Blind-sided by this announcement, Tim found himself piecing together his fractured emotions while still trying to be as supportive as possible for his wife.

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A great paying job, a wonderful wife and a comfortable home, Steve thought he had it all. At first the time he spent away from home was a necessary sacrifice to make sure he and his wife could set themselves up for the future. But once Steve found out he would soon be a dad the time away became harder and harder.

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Stuart and his wife were extremely happy when they found out they were pregnant as they had been planning for it for some time. However, Stuart was about to find out that you can’t plan for everything and learning to help his wife through her morning sickness would be a learning curve for the both of them.

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Under normal circumstances Leroy is a pretty relaxed kind of bloke and even when he found out he was to become a father he barely cracked a sweat.  But as the vastness of the situation started to sink in the normally unflappable Leroy was starting to have some serious anxieties about his ability to provide for his young family.

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Date Created: October 4, 2012 Date Modified: July 3, 2018