Boosting science and mathematics in schools

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A $1.6 million innovative science education program will encourage high school students, including those across the Northern Territory, to take greater interest in science and mathematics.

Charles Darwin University has collaborated with three interstate universities to expand on the Inspiring Science and Mathematics Education program for middle and senior school students across Australia.

CDU School of Education senior lecturer Dr Greg Smith said the program aimed to excite and engage students with cutting-edge science and engineering contexts, and educational theory.

“Such contexts will show students that science and maths are highly relevant to their lives,” Dr Smith said.

He said the program would offer students opportunities to network with a range of science and engineering industries, both locally and nationally.

“This project will provide hands-on, enquiry-based activities for students, and opportunities for professional learning for teachers,” Dr Smith said.

The program aimed to lessen the decline of secondary school science and maths participation rates nationwide.

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Dr Smith said the program reflected the Australian Chief Scientist’s views on harnessing technological innovation to boost productivity, create skilled jobs and provide other economic, social and environmental benefits.

“Technological innovation depends on a world-class education system that values science and mathematics,” Dr Smith said.

The Inspiring Science and Mathematics Education program is run in collaboration with Southern Cross University, the University of Wollongong and the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

The program has been supported by an Australia Government Science Partnerships Program Competitive Grant, along with industry partners.

(Source: Charles Darwin University)

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Date Created: August 21, 2014