Safe sport for kids

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Australia has the highest incidence of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in the world, and sports injuries are now the number one reason for youth admission to hospital.

Professor David Lloyd from Griffith University’s Menzies Health Institute Queensland says the Australian Football League (AFL) has supported research to develop a range of injury prevention strategies.

“Our studies, and those of others, consistently revealed the causes of ACL injuries from which we then developed interventions,” Professor Lloyd says.

“ACL ruptures commonly occur during non‐contact side stepping or when landing from a mark during AFL and other sports when stepping.

“Our laboratory studies and computer simulations have shown that specific technique and aggressive balance training prevent knee injury.

For detailed information on these exercises and more visit Footy First.

“Using this evidence we have developed training programs to prevent ACL and lower limb joint injuries in community level Australian Football. In a randomised placebo control trial in over 1600 Australian Football players we were able to reduce the relative risk of these in‐game knee injuries by 50%”

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(Source: Griffith University)

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Date Created: July 1, 2016 Date Modified: July 9, 2016