Give kids room to move

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More grassed play area available in schools means more physical activity in children. This is the finding from a study published in the October issue of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.

Dr Karen Martin from the University of Western Australia, led the team, who studied school environments and their association with physical activity during school recess.

“This supports previous research that also found the availability of open fields was associated with higher physical activity,” Dr Martin said.

“Expansive and unobstructed grassed surfaces are ideal for children’s sports and games.

“The results indicate that the amount of grassed play area available is an important variable to consider during school planning.

“The study also found that children attending schools with a physically active PE coordinator participated in significantly more physical activity per day.

“Furthermore, a physically active PE coordinator provides a positive role model for children.

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“The benefits of childhood physical activity transcend childhood and adolescence and include a reduced risk of being overweight or obese,” she said.

Source: Wiley

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Date Created: October 21, 2012